An Intimate Studio Space in NYC @ the historic home of Geraldine Page and Rip Torn

Page Poetry Parlor @ Page 22 Presents: UnAmerican Activities #4 – Transatlantic Poetry Reading featuring Steve McCaffery and Allen Fisher!

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UAA #4

unAmerican Activities is a transatlantic poetry reading series held simultaneously in New York and Cambridge (UK), with audiences and readers being connected by live audio and video link.

For unAmAc #4, Steve McCaffery will read in New York and Allen Fisher will read in Cambridge.

Poets will be reading from their own recent work as well as from the work of another poet whom they admire or are currently reading.

A pamphlet that compiles extracts from the reading as well as short critical essays about the poets will be distributed for free in both venues.

Critical essays for the next pamphlet are contributed by Ken Edwards (on Allen Fisher) and Peter Jaeger (on Steve McCaffery).

Organised by Ian Heames, Luke McMullan, and Sophie Seita

Times & Venues:

NYC, Page Poetry Parlor at Page 22, 435 W22nd St, 3.30pm for a 4pm start.

Cambridge, Judith E Wilson Drama Studio, 8.30pm for 9pm.

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