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In Apt. 929, Page 22, Page Poetry, Speakeasy Cinema on November 4, 2013 at 3:33 am

Lee Ann Brown & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

In addition to our classes with Apt 929 we have several different ongoing programs at Page 22

PAGE POETRY PARLOR, curated by Lee Ann Brown (pictured, with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge),  presents writers from around the globe here at Page 22. We have presented Jerome Rothenberg, Ariana Reines, Stephen Boyer, Philip Good, Nicole Brossard,  Kimberly Lyons, Laynie Browne, Deborah Poe, Dia Felix, Jen Blauvelt, jennifer blowdryer,  Xeňa Stanislavovna Semjonová, Sophie Seita, Luke McMullan, and many others.

GRRRLS ON FILM! celebrated the work of women, trans people, and genderqueer filmmakers, writers, performers, and other creators, especially but not exclusively those whose work has been influential to or stems from riot grrrl and queercore movements. Every week began with a performance/reading salon and then we showed a film, except for the first week which was a double feature!

GRRRLS ON FILM! featured work by Amanda Davidson, Ariana Reines, Caroline Contillo, Chavisa Woods, D’hana Perry, Dia Felix, Erin Markey, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Gerry Visco, K8 Hardy, Larkin Grimm, Marie Losier, Margarita Shalina, Margaret Tedesco, Sadie Benning, Silas Howard, Talya Epstein, Trisha Lowe, Xeňa Stanislavovna Semjonová and many more amazing people helped make GRRRLS ON FILM! a very special and magical weekly happening for 10 consecutive weeks. GRRRLS ON FILM! took place during the Fall 2012 and was organized by Ben Rosenberg and Stephen Boyer.

GRRRLS ON FILM! poster 1

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